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  • Sales Strategy

    We partner with clients to embrace the opportunities afforded by new platforms, develop comprehensive multichannel strategies, and improve overall digital performance. We combine Keep on Building America expertise in strategy and organizational transformation with leading edge digital capabilities across the specialty Construction and Industrial Supply industry.

  • Efficiency

    The services of Keep on Building America can be implemented without disruption to your current marketing and sales programs at a cost that your current budget can absorb. This gives you the opportunity to see the effectiveness of Keep on Building America without risk. All you need to do is be able to answer the phone when it starts ringing.

  • Impact Marketing

    We bring a set of dedicated tools to help our clients optimize their entire marketing presence. We update, refine, and enhance our toolkit to take advantage of new technologies and opportunities. We partner with industry associations and leading digital players to ensure digital excellence across all geographies and topics.

  • Strategic Planning

    We engage with our clients to create a smooth, compelling, and economically sustainable customer experience across channels without compromising on operational efficiency. We help clients manage the cost of multichannel sales to ensure profitability. To this end, we work with them to coordinate and streamline lead developments across channels.

  • Target Market

    We are a hybrid advertising and marketing team. Keep on Building America will reduce your sales and marketing cost but increase your presence and in turn grow sales. Keep on Building America is the perfect marketing solution for your new product or brand. Having no geographic barriers or preconceived perception of the market Keep on Building America can open doors faster than the traditional ways.

Build a Local & Global Audience

In the last five years, Keep on Building America has supported Construction and Industrial Supply clients across America. The company provides both strategic and tactical advice on how they can best respond to and capitalize on market shifts. We use a combination of industry experience, detailed geographic insights, and market outlooks to support our clients across five key functions: strategy, operations, organization, corporate finance, and marketing & sales.


In THE BEGINNING of 2006, two business associates from the plumbing & construction trades had a vision that began their life long quest of developing ways of making some of the grueling tasks in those trades…easier.

From day one of PRODUCT RELEASE, the Orange Blade became an overnight sensation with Plumbers, Electricians, remodelers, and any tradesperson who had to access the inside of a wall, with less mess, and overall, virtual elimination of the horrible consequences of “cutting into something”.

The fear of the “unknown” in the wall or ceiling became the “confidence” in cutting into the wall and ceiling. From that initial product, grew several different products.

The primary goal of the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT of Saf-T-Kut department is to bring new products to the masses. All of our products are not only factory tested to maximum stress, but field tested with trades-people and everyday people in the cities and suburbs of North America. We will continue to make mouths drop open in disbelief, and make a person say, “Someone finally got it right !!!”

Construction Supply SourcingConstructon Supply Sourcing

Construction Supply Sourcing carries high quality, labor saving tools in the construction industry. They distribute the latest innovations in plumbing, specialty hardware, concrete accessories, industrial safety and labor saving tools. Get the job done faster!

C.S.S. work with pros that count on the tools they supply on a daily basis. Whether it’s commercial construction or residential Construction Supply Sourcing can make your job faster & safer. They have the industrial supplies to assist General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Framers, Specialty Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Waterproofers & Drywallers

Customer Testimonials

"The team at Keep On Building America understood my business and what they suggest we do all made sense, I understood the concept so I let them run with it. The next thing that happened is my phone started ringing with real leads and sales."

"It's not a new way of doing business... It's the only way to do business!"

"Keep On Building America showed us the 100 of in house leads we already had. Keep On Building America mined those leads and developed sales immediately."

"Since we sent out a email marketing campaign developed by 48WS our phones have been ringing off the hook, and my inbox is FULL!!!"

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